The Family Fund is one of the largest charities providing grants to children and young people in need of education, health and social care. Financial support is provided to people with learning disabilities, mental health problems and children with special needs.

We also provide funds for children and young people under 25 who need special equipment and provide them with things that help improve their quality of life and alleviate additional stresses in their daily lives. If you need help financing your child’s education, health or social care, you can apply for a grant of up to PS1000. This assistance can be obtained by registering with the Family Fund’s Children and Youth Fund (R & F), which provides financial and financial support to over 1,000 schools, kindergartens, hospitals and nursing homes.

If your interest organization is not listed in the directory, you can obtain this information by calling the free registration hotline 973 504 6215 for further help. If you are currently collecting donations and registering with the office, please use the charity search function on our website. Any questions regarding registration requirements that are not answered by the resources available on the website are encouraged to contact our office.

The information on this website is provided as a service to the public and the Department is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on the website. The Department makes no warranties or representations as to the integrity of the content of this website or any other website to which it may be linked, nor does it make any warranties or representations as to links to other websites.

The directory only lists organisations that are currently registered and meet the mandatory registration requirements. It also maintains a list of more than 13,000 charities soliciting and soliciting donations in the Commonwealth, as well as the names and addresses of those organisations.

The renewal date of the non-profit organisation depends on the end of the financial year and can be found on the registration form page. The renewal due date indicates the date on which the registration certificate was sent to the organisation for approval and is indicated as the expiry date for the automatic renewal on the certificate.

Automatic renewal of the registration certificate for the following fiscal year is granted automatically to the non-profit organization for a period of two years from the date of renewal.

If a valid email is received by the Bureau, the renewal will be sent by email to fundraising professionals and sent to the current mailing address of the file, or directly to a fundraising professional if not included in the file. If a registration declaration (BCO-10) is submitted for registration, it does not need to be submitted, as the maximum extension of the time allowed for renewal of registration is automatically granted by the office at the time of approval of registration. Constituencies wishing to submit materials should be advised to use the contact information on the Federal Election Commission website or on their e-mail address.

Consumers should be aware that information found in online licensee directories is not a primary source of output for reference verification purposes. It is recommended that the directories are updated, as the registration information is continuously sent to the CRI section. Further information on the submission requirements can be found on the website of the Federal Electoral Commission and the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Remember that actions taken by a department’s board or committee may not appear in the CRI database until after the action has been taken. Further information about the Board of Management and its committees can be found on the Board’s website. [Sources: 0]

The Nihal Armstrong Trust provides special services to children that are not provided by their local authorities. While the Capitol Complex is open to the public, the State Department is not open to visitors entering the NOB offices.

We help children and young people recover lost skills, find new ways to do things, and help people with learning disabilities and autism prepare for life outside school. We provide therapeutic support, support the child and his family with helpful information and guidance, and offer solutions and advice to help them and their families enjoy a life full of hope. We are there to listen to them on their way, but also to be there for them on their way.

The Care Services Team provides support through a free national helpline and also financial support with grants, emergency equipment and loans, as well as support for families. We help to finance specialised equipment, develop fundraising campaigns and support local special needs schools.

Children and young adults in East Anglia suffer from life-threatening conditions, disabilities and cancer. We support children with complex needs who also have special needs, such as autism, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and other mental illnesses.

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